Ed formed T-Minus while trying to think of interesting challenges and handles for Theatre Sports™ games with Story Kitchen Impro. He came up with a format that was short-form in theory, but would be too long to be effective in a Theatre Sports™ match. After a conversation with Hoopla Impro‘s Steve Roe about the idea, the concept had a show booked before it had even been formed. So Ed contacted his friends Liam Brennan, Sophie Pumphrey and Trilly Chatterjee, and the result was T-Minus.


T-Minus improvises long form narratives, but with an unusual proviso. They set a timer to countdown during the show, and when the timer runs out and the alarm sounds, an event of the audiences choosing HAS to happen. It could be an earth shattering earthquake. It could be an intimate personal revelation. It’s up to the audience, and the cast won’t even know when the alarm will go off!

YOU set the timer, YOU decide what happens when it hits zero.


And from all of that, the cast craft a compelling story. It may make you laugh, it may make you cry, but it will be a story to remember.

For more info, go to TMinusImprov.com or follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Or come to our next gig…


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