Ed used to work behind the camera! Now he sometimes works in front of the camera!


Ed has appeared in a BBC Three comedy sketch written and directed by Tai Campbell for BBC Three, that has stacked over 900,000 views as of September 2019

Ed featured on ITV2 in a bunch of roles on Keith Lemon: Coming in America, a six part sketch comedy show about Keith and his friends trying to make a splash in the USA. From a Hillbilly Fox to Chunk from The Goonies. Have a look below.

Ed will also be appearing in a number of upcoming commercials for Tomy’s Turtle Bath Salon, Red Orchard and the Harrow Korfball Club


Most recently, Ed has begun to take part in The British Rationals, a topical weekly web series playing angry cab driver, John Goldsmith. Here he is getting upset about current affairs.



In 2016, Ed was a part of Cancer Research UK’s online course, “Let’s Talk About Cancer”. This involved semi improvised scripts in specific scenarios to demonstrate both what was helpful in sensitive situations and what was unhelpful.

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